Dr. Valorie Selland

Dr. Selland specializes in neuropsychological evalutions and assessments.

Dr. Selland’s general area of practice includes Psychoeducational assessments of individuals who have suspected learning and/or attention deficit disorders. More detailed assessments include Neuropsychological assessments of individuals with suspected or identified brain injuries, as a result of events such as head injuries, neurological traumas (such as cerebrovascular accidents), and more complex learning and/or attention deficit disorders.

Dr. Selland has extensive experience in evaluating clients who are expected to return to work and in determining employability needs. This includes assessments with clients who have sustained a brain injury, and for clients who want to upgrade their education or vocational potential, but might have attention and/or learning disabilities which have been interfering with their functioning. Dr. Selland has considerable and varied experience in testing which she brings to bear in insuring she is able to address the clients needs in the fullest possible manner.

General Cognitive and Intellectual Assessments, Academic Skills, Neuropsychological Assessment, Adaptive Behaviour, Vocational and Career Interest Inventories, and the majority of the Personality Inventories are some of the testing Dr. Selland can provide.

Assessments for a wide variety of reasons can be perfomed and include but are not limited to legal, educational, and many other areas.

Click here for information on what a neuropsychological evaluation is, who is qualified to conduct one, when one may be needed etc.

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