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Dr. Selland is located in her own business at

10520 Elbow Drive S.W.,
Calgary, AB, T2W 1G2


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Dr. Selland relocated to this office from her downtown office in June of 2009. This location provides many benefits including the ease of finding this location, as well as parking. Parking is available at no charge on 104th Street, or on the parking pad in front of the garage located on the property.

Location Benefits:

The main level of the office is accessible to individuals with physical disabilities, and testing can be completed on the main level if needed.

The testing rooms are located on the 2nd level, and consist of two testing rooms. The interview is completed on the main level in Dr. Selland’s office, and the rest of the testing is completed upstairs. The majority of the testing is completed in a separate room by our highly trained and skilled psychology assistant. Dr. Selland does all of her own documentation to insure consistency and a high level of attention to detail and the client's needs.

If you wish you can fill out our contact form (click here) and Dr. Selland will get back to you as soon as possible.



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