Privacy and Confidentiality

Great care taken to insure that all client records are kept in the utmost confidence.

Dr. Selland does her own documentation, and therefore no other individuals have access to the documentation. Files are kept in a locked filing cabinet and further secured. Older files are transferred to a secure area on an as-needed basis. Access to these files is also very limited. The office is also protected by an alarm system and other security measures as necessary.

Files are kept for ten years, in accordance with the guidelines established through the College of Alberta Psychologists, and are then destroyed through a secure shredding company. Any files scheduled for shredding are monitored through the entire process. Electronic copies of files are maintained with appropriate security precautions in place.

Records are not shared with any other individual unless proper release of information documentation is filled out and signed. Client information will also not be shared over the phone or by any other method unless proper releases are in place and identies are verified and confirmed.

Fees may be charged for copies of reports, data and other relevant information.

Dr. Selland can also arrange, if document transfer electronically is requested, for the documents to be put on a fully secure, password protected server for retrival. All access to these documents is logged and fully tracked by IP Address, computer type etc. This method is more secure than email as it requires submitting a request for this service (no charge) and obtaining a time limited user name and password. Random access is controlled by blocking the computer and IP address of the person trying to access who does not have the correct user name and password.

If you have an information request please call our office, 403-453-0338 to discuss the matter. Or you can submit a request using our contact form. Requests for copies of documentation may take some time to fulfill to insure proper clearances and releases are in place and to copy the documents. If your request is of an urgent nature additional charges may apply to facilitate faster processing of the request/documentation.

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